A drumming , dancing, breath work event with sound & energy healing to support positive well-being and creative culture. All welcome. Here are the details… Thanks in advance for sharing with any who might benefit. Time to power up the people! 🙏💗🌏

Rhythm Well FAQ


We welcome drummers of all ability levels to drum at Rhythm Well. If you are new to drumming, or have never drummed in a structured setting before, we recommend either bringing a frame drum, or you may use the rattles we provide in the basket near the drummer area. Please return them when not in use so others may have a chance to use them as well, and so we’ll have them next time. In the future, we’ll have rattles you can buy to take home…. just not yet. Thanks.

Here at the Rhythm Well, we follow a specific patterns of rhythm that together, mimic the cycles of life, creating a rhythmic “completion cycle.” When we complete a cycle of these five rhythms, it can help us to get completions in our emotional state and in our lives by playing, dancing,and/or breathing with them inspiring you through the cycle. The lead drummer will be seated in the central spot in the drum pit, so you know who to listen to for the tempo and the base pattern you will be complimenting with your playing.

What are the rhythm patterns we will be using?

Soon we’ll be posting the five foundational rhythms that the lead drum will be playing. You are welcome to play anything that compliments those rhythms on your drums or rattles.

We will have time to cycle through the 5 rhythms 2 times during the course of the evening.

Please listen deeply. When drummers really hear each other, something magical happens. Also, please play your drum moderately if it’s a loud one…we have a high ceiling, and it can get boomy fast.

Have fun!

Take a break. Drink water. Take a turn on the dance floor. Lie down and breathe a bit.


This is a freestyle space where you are free to enjoy and express yourself. Let go of what you look like, and focus on how you feel. Dance authentically. What does that mean? Be true to you! Let your emotions, your thoughts, your prayers, your own energy be expressed in your dance. Dance alone, or with others. Only do what feels good to you. No one is obligated to dance with anyone, or in any particular way.


Singing and toning and welcome throughout the space…. While drumming or dancing, offering sound healing around the breathers, or while holding witness along the perimeter of the circle.

Please keep sounds to songs, chants, tones and meaningless syllables instead of the spoken voice within the circle once we begin. If you must have a conversation, please have it off to the side in a low voice. Thanks.


Breathwork is a remarkable tool for healing…emotionally, mentally, spiritually and even physical healing can be brought about by its practice. It is a very simple technique for breathing, whereby you breathe in through your nose, and then out through your mouth, completely inhaling, then completely exhaling, with no pause at the top or the bottom of the breath, in a circular manner. This highly oxygenates the blood stream, which can create some very potent experience of transformation!

That sounds like a lot of breathing. Will I pass out?

Nah… you’ll be fine. Besides…. you’re lying down! No where to fall! You might feel lightheaded, have emotions come up, have tingling in your hands or feet… you will definitely feel more alive, and by the end, you’ll likely experience a deep, deep, peace.

Why am I doing this, anyways?

Life can get hard. And heavy. So heavy in fact, we need a little breath to lighten things up. A good metaphor might be that when life gets heavy our energy body gets heavy and when we do a lot of deep breathing all that effervescence you feel when you breathing all that oxygen you’re taking in, breaks up denseness….. that darkness that occurs in the somatic body when we are feeling unresolved or exhausted from something. All that oxygen comes in and re-energizes it and kicks out stagnant energy and replaces it with vibrant energy.

What should I do if I feel overwhelmed?

It is not unusual for people to feel overwhelmed in a new situation, whether it be sensory overload, emotions rising to the surface, intensity of the music, feeling self-conscious or unsure of what to do… What do I do? Do take care of yourself in whatever ways are needed. Perhaps take a water break, place your hands on your heart and close your eyes to do a little self check-in. Splash some water on your face in the bathroom. Take some relaxing breaths. Wiggle your toes to stay grounded. The different activities throughout the event are optional, and it’s ok to “sit on the sidelines” for a while & just observe. There will also be designated support people who will be identified at the beginning, who are there to help. Please don’t hesitate to let someone know if you would like some support. The easiest way to have the experience you want is to be clear about what you need, and go about getting it…. on your own or with the support of others.

Giving and Receiving

Vibrational Healing at the Rhythm Well

Reciprocity not only makes the world go around ….it makes it a whole lot sweeter too. Some days we may have energy to share and Sundays we won’t. That’s OK. You may be wondering what to do I have to offer that would be appropriate at the RhythmWell? Do you want to participate in the vibrational healing where you spell bye sitting in one sound healing chairs or rattling nearby. Lift up your voice and sing with the tone bowls will be playing in the center of the breath work full circle. If you play Digeredoo please feel free to bring it. We ask that if you’re doing sound healing please keep it largely word free. Sounds there like words are fine, but nothing that can engage the mind. Hands-on healing for the most part we won’t be doing much direct touch healing, unless someone specifically request a friend to sit with them while they breathe. That’s fine. We will also have several staff members dressed all in white who can help you along with your breath practice if you find yourself feeling some kind of support. No one should ever feel obligated to receive support they don’t want so if something is not working for you, Feel free to waive it off so you can focus on what you need to do or ask for what you need if we are getting it. Can’t guarantee that everyone will get what they need every time in the moment they want it but we will do our best to be there for you and help you to feel complete by the time you get to the end.

Do I need to stay for the whole event?

While you do not need to stay for the whole event, it is encouraged! The drumming rhythms will be changing through the five rhythms of life, and staying until that is completed can help it feel like a more complete experience. The time stated that the doors close is firm, so please plan to arrive at least a few minutes before that. Orientation and opening activities are important to do as a group.

Cell Phones, Tablets, etc.

We ask that all electronic devices are silenced or turned off during the event. This will help us to dive into the full experience without digital distractions. If you are taking a break, please refrain from using your phone unless it is absolutely necessary. Please refrain from taking pictures or video.

Do I need experience in drumming or breathwork to participate?

No experience is needed to participate. We welcome you just as you are. You are encouraged to try new things, and stretch your comfort zone at least a little! There will be a thorough orientation at the beginning, so you’ll know what’s what before everything gets going. Designated support people will be available for questions or assistance as needed. After experiencing the event, if you are super jazzed about it, you are welcome to inquire about to assisting the ceremony.

What should I wear or bring?

Please wear comfortable clothing that feels easy to move (dance) in. Bring a water bottle so that you can stay hydrated as needed. If you have any drums or rattles that you don’t mind other people using, bring those too! Please come as you are without extra scents on… A scent free space means that even people who are allergic can attend….. thank you. At minimum, just bring yourself!

Why is this so affordable?

Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. We want to create a space that people can afford to do some preventative and holistic methods for psychological and emotional wellbeing that are in reach for all. Better, yet, it can be a lot of fun, and these techniques really do work to change your mood, energy and sense of empowerment. If you have no money, you are also welcome. If you can afford the upper end of the scale or would like to make a donation to support our community based healing work… it would be deeply appreciated. Your donation is, in part what makes it so we can keep this event open to all.

Is it just bunch of cis gendered white folks hopping around doing hippy stuff?

I hope not!!!!! We are just launching, and we want to see a rainbow of diversity in the crowd. You’ ll also be happy to know the place is handicap accessible, and we will work with you to create the situation you need to be physically comfortable. If you are coming please consider bringing your POC, LGBTQIA+ and handicapped friends long with you. Together, we will make a true rainbow community..

Why Rhythm Well?

Wellness can be facilitated by rhythm. Our bodies are composed of rhythms… our heart, the pumping of the blood, the cranial sacral fluids pulsing up and down our spines, the rhythm of our breath through our lungs. Our organs, chakras, and even our bones can be encouraged towards wellness by the rhythms that exist within sound frequencies that can entrain all aspects of ourself towards health. 

It’s a rare person who doesn’t feel a buoyant mood when there is a kicking drum beat and a great dance floor to get down on!

It is our intention to create a safe space to do inner healing work, and express one’s self authentically through dance and sound. We want to create a space where people can look one another in the eye and know they have true community who not only like to dance and drum, but actively care for each other’s wellbeing so we are energised for the good work of our lives and to make the world a better place.